Video: World's most inexplicably famous blogger gets punched in the face or something

Posted for three reasons. First, as an endurance test: I made it to 2:39 before I could take no more. Try and top that. Second, for the PC nuance involved: As you’ll see from the clip at TMZ, the confrontation with escalated when Hilton called him … a “f***ing faggot.” It’s not okay for non-minorities to use slurs towards minorities and it is okay for minorities to use slurs towards each other, but what about minorities using a slur designed for their own group on someone not part of that group? Bold new innovation in political rhetoric or confirmation that Hilton’s as massive an idiot as we all suspect?

Third and finally, this must be the purest example of a palate cleanser we’ve ever posted. No joke: Take all the drama, nobility, and sacrifice you saw in Tehran this weekend, distill it to its essence, then imagine the precise opposite of that — and this is what you’d have. Behold the most famous blogger in America.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023