Sweet: Glenn Beck gives Gerald Walpin a senility test

Utterly demeaning, but of course that’s the point. In the five months since Hopenchange officially began, I can’t think of a starker example of a media double standard than its treatment of this story. Imagine, imagine, if Bush had trumped up a charge of dementia against someone who was politically inconvenient as grounds for firing him and then it had been discovered that that person was perfectly within his right mind. The uproar over ageism and victimhood at AARP alone would have been like a nuclear blast. As it is, Walpin’s safely relegated to the conservative network that’s been persecuting poor innocent Barack or whatever. Good for him for speaking up and for not refusing a stunt like this to prove, at agonizing length, just what a sham Obama’s charges against him are. The whole clip’s worth watching but if you only have time for the test, skip ahead to about five minutes in.

If you’re curious about the real reason for Walpin’s firing, start here.

Link: Walpin