Video: Pence calls on Obama to support Iranian protesters

A lovely sentiment, and I agree that The One can and should be doing more to focus media attention on horrors like this, especially with Gibbs stupidly insisting that our concerns about Iran are the same this week as last week. Still, I don’t like the idea of a congressional resolution to make Obama choose sides. Foreign policy is the president’s prerogative and the president’s decided to play this low key; a resolution would make headlines in Iran and destroy his ability to do that. It’s strategically risky, too, insofar as the clerics and the army haven’t decided which way to go yet. The regime’s on the defensive now with eminent Iranians like Montazeri coming out against them; doubtless Rafsanjani’s lobbying some leading mullahs too, possibly with an eye to removing Khamenei. If the U.S. gets involved, it lets Ahmadinejad change the subject and demagogue his opponents as doing the west’s bidding, which could tilt the fencesitters the other way. The best thing we can do to avert another Tiananmen, I think, is to stress how appalling the abuses have already been so that whatever comes next will seem that much more monstrous by comparison. No one, whether inside or outside Iran, will fault The One for doing that. So how about it, Barry?