Video: Jon Voight goes thermonuclear on "false prophet" Obama

Alternate title: “Jon Voight begs to never work in Hollywood again.” He’s no Daniel Hannan but he ain’t bad: Ten full minutes of rhetorical roundhouses here, from Obama’s fraudulent posturing as a “pragmatist” during the campaign to the perils of his Israel policy to the “oppression” of his economic blueprint to the pure polemic of referring to him as a “soft-spoken Julius Caesar.” He’s unfair when he describes our new foreign policy as getting together with enemies in a little playground — The One did, after all, double down against the Taliban in Afghanistan — but if this new Rasmussen poll is accurate, Captain Diplomacy’s willingness to meet rogue regimes “without preconditions” is already wearing thin with a huge majority of the public. Smart power or soft power?

If you need an extra incentive to watch to the very end, the boss gets a shout out. Exit question: Voight in 2012?