Letterman Top Ten: Palin has a "slutty flight attendant look"; Audio: "Pathetic," says Palin

I bet Ashley Herzog’s bummed he didn’t pull this a day earlier, huh? It would have made a sweet addition to her latest column. The best part: Letterman wondering why Slutty Flight Attendant didn’t stop by the show.

I guess if you can’t make ’em laugh anymore, you might as well make ’em wince. You missed your calling as a writer for Playboy, Dave.

Update: Via Conservatives 4 Palin, a double dip of class. This one’s from the monologue.

Update: Conservatives 4 Palin has audio from John Ziegler’s radio show of Palin’s reaction. She’s not amused but cheerful as always.

Update (Ed): John Ziegler has his entire interview with Governor Palin here.