Shhhh: Support for torture of terrorists up 14 points since 2005

It takes the AP fully 15 paragraphs to inform us of this, with priority given to the monthly Obama job-approval check and navel-gazing quotes from citizens about whether we’re safer than we were under Bush. They’re having a big day today, aren’t they?

I know it sounds crazy but sometimes I can’t shake the feeling that the media’s helping to push Obama’s agenda.

Some 52 percent of people say torture can be at least sometimes justified to obtain information about terrorist activities from suspects, an increase from 38 percent in 2005 when the AP last asked the question. More than two-thirds of Republicans say torture can be justified compared with just over a third of Democrats.

On Obama’s plan to close the Guantanamo prison, 47 percent approve, while 47 percent disapprove. Again, the country is divided on partisan lines, with most Republicans disapproving and most Democrats approving. Independents are evenly divided.

Despite the president’s safety assurances, more than half of Americans say they would be worried about the chance of terrorism suspects escaping from U.S. high-security prisons. Yet again, more Republicans express concern than Democrats. Still, the figures indicate that the GOP-fueled fear may be resonating.

Exit question: Dude?