Stupid: Gillibrand tells Truthers she supports a new investigation into 9/11

I’ve seen a dozen videos of these morons cornering politicians with “new evidence” or thinly veiled questions about “reopening the investigation” and the only two who had the stones to tell them to get bent straightaway were Gingrich and Bill Clinton(!). The New York Observer lets Gillibrand off the hook because she appears not to realize she’s talking to the modern-day equivalent of Holocaust deniers, but in that case, what kind of imbecile must she be not to have alarm bells going off when this guy starts talking about explosives being found in the rubble? Is she … unfamiliar with the M.O. of 9/11? Or is she simply so desperate for votes that she’d sell out all the rest of us who lost loved ones that day to gladhand a bottom-feeder like this? Good work, Kirsten.