Michelle: Thanks for smearing our site, O'Reilly

Sit back and marvel as the boss segues righteously from a rant about whether Obama is targeting Republican-owned Chrysler dealerships for closure into an indictment of big-media denigration of blogs, using last night’s sandbagging on the Factor as an example. The obvious questions at this hour: Will taking a shot at him on air force him to respond tonight? And how long will we have to wait for the inevitable retaliatory Jesse Waters ambush interview outside Michelle’s home?

As for Chrysler, Nate Silver dug around in HuffPo’s campaign contribution database and discovered that car dealers skew overwhelmingly GOP, so we shouldn’t be surprised that most of the shuttered Chrysler dealers are Republican donors too. That’s great — I acknowledged the possibility of it in my earlier post, just as MM does here — but the truly germane comparison is between Chrysler dealers who were torpedoed and Chrysler dealers who weren’t. We’ll see how that shakes out.