Gibbs warns: Be "exceedingly careful" in how you criticize Sotomayor

Frum calls it his Ari Fleischer “watch what you say” moment.

Question: why? Why be more careful with this nomination than with those of Miguel Estrada or Robert Bork – never mind Clarence Thomas? On what basis does Gibbs single out this nomination as more sensitive than others, this debate as demanding more care than other debates?

He’s asking rhetorically, of course. On its own terms, Gibbs’s advice isn’t bad — Michael Steele, doubtless concerned about hemorrhaging any more Latino votes, made the same point yesterday — but it’s one thing for the head of the RNC to nudge his fellow Republicans and another for the White House to be warning the opposition. Imagine the nutroots pathos had a Republican press secretary dropped this on them. As it is, no doubt Team Barry’s prepping another round of attacks from the Rush/Newt/Cheney-bashing playbook for tomorrow in response to Gingrich’s latest offering. I love easy content. Click the image to watch.