Schumer to GOP: Oppose Sotomayor at your peril

Via Greg Hengler. So mindlessly is he regurgitating talking points here about Sotomayor’s alleged moderation — which seems to be based entirely on cases about criminal law — that he actually congratulates Obama at the end for not choosing, and I quote, a “far-out liberal.” Because if there’s anyone whose heart would break at the thought of a hardcore lefty on the Supreme Court, it’s Chuck Schumer’s. As for Republican opposition, he’s worried over nothing. The head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has already sent up a racial flare warning them away from opposing her; the GOP contingent on the Senate Judiciary Committee consists entirely of white men, too, making the identity politics optics especially unfavorable. (Marco Rubio’s doing his best on their behalf from Florida.) I’ll be surprised if she gets less than 75 votes. Note also Schumer’s reference to the hardline “five percent” of Republicans who’ll agitate to try to block her. As I suggested in the Rush post, if any serious opposition to her does mount in the Senate, no doubt the party will be accused of doing Limbaugh’s bidding yet again. I’m sure they’ll press her on the “policy” quote and on the “wise Latina woman” bit from her speech, but given the identity politics here and the fact that they’re surely not going to filibuster her, what’s the political upside to them from a party-line “no” vote?

Don’t be too bummed, though. Frum may have found the silver lining here.