Finally: Liz Cheney vs. Scary Larry O'Donnell on waterboarding

Her interview last night with Anderson Cooper is actually more interesting, since AC achieves something O’D never does — asking her a good question, i.e. whether her dad isn’t making America less safe right now by constantly broadcasting to jihadis how supposedly vulnerable we are under Obama. (Tom Ridge, former DHS secretary, politely disagrees.) Even so, I feel like I owe you the O’Donnell clip given (a) his meltdown over Cheney’s speech yesterday and (b) the sheer feebleness of his efforts here. Gone is the invective about how “sleazy” Cheney is now that he has to say it to his daughter’s face. Instead, all he can muster are questions that answer themselves, like why Cheney wants to release more CIA memos if the release of the torture memos was so damaging (answer: to correct the record distorted by Obama), and indictments of Bush that actually come off, bizarrely, as quasi-defenses. The highlight comes when he wonders why, if waterboarding’s effective, it was only used on three people. Liz handles that one herself, although any reasonably well informed eight-year-old could have explained it to him.

On a related note, Politico’s solved the mystery I posed yesterday of why The One would do something as stupid as schedule a speech opposite Cheney, thereby giving him a megaphone by inviting media comparisons. Answer: The moronic Democrats in Congress begged him to do it. No wonder. Click the image to watch.

Update: I should mention, I’m seeing a lot of Twitter buzz today about U.S. News’s trial balloon of Liz Cheney for Congress. Is this happening? Grassroots power??