Disgrace: Pelosi stands by smear of CIA

No retraction, no apology, not even a clarification. She’s obviously concluded, not unreasonably, that the more she talks, the worse things get. I thought the story left off, though, with her having absolved the agency and blamed everything on Bush instead. Are we back to her claiming that the CIA misleads Congress all the time or are we still pretending she was silent about this for four years because she didn’t want to make things hard on Dubya? I’m confused.

Politico’s leading today with a story about how the GOP’s supposedly overplayed its hand by having “polarizing” figures like Cheney and Gingrich attack her. Could be — the Democrats are certainly circling the wagons, per yesterday’s party-line vote not to investigate what she knew about waterboarding — but of course, if any more damaging info emerges, now they’re on the hook too. Says Jimmie Bise of the House vote, either the CIA’s lying and Democrats don’t care that our intelligence bureau is corrupt or Pelosi’s lying and Democrats don’t care about the CIA being maligned by the Speaker of the House. Either way, most ethical Congress evah.