Wow: It's time to legalize drugs, says ... Tom Tancredo?

Via the Cato Institute, a shocker that shouldn’t feel as shocking as it does. Because Tanc’s top priority has always been the border, it stands to reason he’d be willing to take bold measures to strengthen it. De-fanging Mexico’s narco-cartels by yanking their black market out from under them would go a long way towards making it safer, albeit not necessarily more secure. Even so, this is Sir Tancelot we’re talking about — staunch supporter of the war on terror, stalwart social con, and of course crusading anti-amnesty advocate. Watching him embrace one of the left’s pet social issues isn’t unlike watching Obama come out in favor of waterboarding in extraordinary circumstances. Which, like Tanc’s position here, would also be the correct one.

Below the news clip you’ll find an informative new promo for the Showtime series “Weeds.” At least, I think it’s informative. I’m too worn out to fact-check it. Click the image to watch.