Video: Hopenchange allegory of the day!

No no, not really, or at least surely not intentionally, but an e-mailer had me cracking up this morning at the suggestion. Besides, after all the dopey Obama/Spock analogies lately, he deserves a bit of sci-fi deflation. If you’re my age, the news that they’re bringing back “V” will make your heart leap with joy; I can’t believe there was a kid who watched it who didn’t love it, but doubtless I’ll be corrected about that at length in the comments. Never mind that, though. Follow the plot arc here: A savior with seemingly supernatural powers comes to rescue mankind, and is adoringly embraced by a public desperate for Hope. Not until it’s almost too late do they realize the Change they were promised isn’t quite what the increasingly sinister savior has in mind. (The words “hope” and “change” actually do appear at critical moments here in the trailer.) It’s the most conservative new series on television, right down to the detail about a lapdog media! Or at least, it would be if Hollywood had the stones to criticize The One. Nothing more than a big coincidence, I’m sure — although if the lizard people are shown using this as a gesture of greeting, all bets are off.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET