Biden: Hey, did you know my plane was once fired on by Bosnian snipers?

I think he’s telling the truth this time. Granted, he’s (a) a moron, (b) a confirmed plagiarist, (c) been caught exaggerating his escapades in war zones at least twice before, but that’s the whole point. Law of averages, people. One of these days he’s bound to stumble into an honest account. If not now, when?

Mr. Biden has also been engaged on the Balkan issue since the early 1990s, when he was an outspoken advocate of the Bosnian cause. During his speech, Mr. Biden recalled his trip to the country in 1993, and how, flying in at the time, his plane was fired upon, and bombed-out homes with snipers inside could be seen.

Geraghty can’t find any evidence that he’s mentioned this before, but I think that’s just Biden being his typically modest self. Does he strike you as the type of guy who’d boast about a heroic brush with danger in a war zone?

At this point, I’ll refer you to I Own the World’s comic rendering of the Adventures of Greasy Joe and say no more.

Update: Someone on Twitter suggests this may be a Biden two-fer — not just a lie but plagiarism of Hillary’s Tuzla nonsense.