Video: "No, Mr. President"

An amends of sorts to passionate pro-lifers who don’t care for my position on this issue. The speaker is theologian John Piper, the animator is unknown, but both are obviously superb at their jobs. Consider this an especially vivid illustration of the point I made yesterday about the impossibility of “open-mindedness” about abortion when one’s religious conviction runs this deeply. As Freddoso puts it in his postmortem of The One’s speech:

Notre Dame sent another clear message to its new graduates by honoring a politician who has spent his entire career resisting even the smallest legal protection for the unborn. To tomorrow’s Catholic leaders, Notre Dame has said that the direct and deliberate taking of innocent human life through abortion is just one issue among many, and nothing worth getting too upset about.

Indeed. The most important thing — the supreme virtue — is “dialogue.” No doubt Netanyahu’s getting an earful about that right now.