Video: "Celebrity Jeopardy"

Three clips from Ferrell’s return to SNL last night. I know we’re supposed to hate him now because he can’t quit dumping on Bush — even here, naturally, although a few funny lines partly salvage the bit — but no one who watched the show in the late 90s can deny how great he was on it. With the sole shining exception of “Anchorman,” he’s never been as funny since (although I missed “Step Brothers” and “Talladega Nights” so there may be sample error). I wonder if he’s one of those guys who, for all the fame his performances have brought him, is actually a better comedy writer than actor. That would explain why his SNL material is superior to the scripts Hollywood keeps giving him, and also why “Anchorman,” which was obviously heavily improvised, is his best film.

The spastic dementia of his Harry Caray impression is hilarious but the highlight here, needless to say, is Celebrity Jeopardy. Darrell Hammond is back as Connery but the funniest part is reserved for another former cast member, and I don’t mean Ferrell. Watch and see.