Audio: Axelrod dumps on Miss California

Yeah, I know I wrote about this yesterday but you need to hear the audience reaction to see how right Omri Ceren was. Again: There’s no joke here. There’s no wit or irony or play on words or anything remotely clever. Unless he’s calling her a dog, and he surely isn’t, the extent of the “punchline” is simply invoking Carrie Prejean in a context that’s meant to be belittling, even though it’s not quite clear how. And yet the audience practically shrieks with glee. To the extent this is any type of humor at all, it’s a sort of in-joke without the joke: The left’s been enjoying a Two Minutes Hate on her for the past few weeks and now suddenly here’s the senior advisor to the president joining in. The laughter, I think, is simply a reflex of surprise and approbation upon discovering that a figure as exalted as Axelrod would stoop to their level of douchebaggery. All things considered, she’d make a great opening joke for The One’s next speech — except, of course, for the fact that he holds the same position on gay marriage that she does.