Video: Hannity and Goldberg on the media's "atheism agenda"

Traffic is in the tank, notwithstanding Pelosi’s slow-motion meltdown, so I turn forlornly to the one reliable comment-generating topic we have. I like Goldberg but I think this is simply lame: The fact that America’s demographics are trending (slightly) away from Christianity and towards disbelief is, to me, a far more important story than how many charitable donations believers make versus non-believers. The latter is fun as a jumping-off point for argument about which side is more generous but the former is profound insofar as it affects electoral reality. As for Goldberg’s point that atheism is “hip” in Manhattan, that’s even lamer. There’s no love lost between me and urban liberals, but even I’m willing to pay them the minimal respect of assuming that their deepest beliefs about the world are based on something more profound than what happens to be “trendy” in their immediate vicinity. Never would I suggest that Christians are stupid or superficial for believing as they do. Why can’t Bernie reciprocate?