Oh my: Hoyer won't back up Pelosi on claim that CIA lied

Granted, he wasn’t at the briefing in 2002 so he can’t say which side is right, but it speaks volumes that he’s unwilling to offer even a pro forma “I’ve never known Nancy to be untruthful” in her defense. Combine this with him telling reporters a few days ago that any torture truth commission should investigate Pelosi too and it’s pretty clear that even her own number two’s not betting on her version of events. And why would he? She’s a terrible liar. No sense in letting the sinking ship take him down too.

Rep. Steny Hoyer, the House majority leader, panned the recent criticism of Pelosi as a “distraction” during a verbal tangle with Republican Whip Eric Cantor on the House floor.

But when asked directly whether he shares Pelosi’s belief that the CIA misled Congress, he backed off.

“I have no idea of that. I don’t have a belief of that nature because I have no basis on which to base such a belief,” Hoyer said. “And I certainly hope that’s not the case. And I don’t draw that conclusion.”

Below, once again from master clipster Greg Hengler, two minutes of Krauthammer destroying Pelosi on tonight’s “Special Report.” Per his concluding remark, the only thing I’ll say in Madam Speaker’s semi-defense here is that it’s tragic that he, Ed, and pretty much all the rest of us routinely expect the CIA to try to destroy her politically now with well-placed leaks. They did it to Bush, of course, and so there’s rough justice in it being her turn, but how sad that we’re so inured to Hoover-esque tactics by the agency against politicians they don’t like that we’re treating this as a matter of course. As exceedingly unlikely as it is that they lied to her in the briefing, if it turns out somehow to be true then the Dems really do need to follow through with their momentarily nutty idea of prosecuting people for it.