Video: Hall monitor Gibbs collecting press corps' cell phones now

A cute moment containing the germ of an idea by which he can turn the righties who dislike him instantly to his side: Be aggressive with the press. As evidence, I refer you to the enthralled comments in last night’s post about the British MP — from Labour, no less — who got up in the face of a BBC anchor by demanding to know how much she makes per year. That’s how you win over media-hating conservatives, Gibbsy. Call Jennifer Loven a shill. Tell Chuck Todd he could stand to lose a few. Take a swing at Tapper the next time he gets uppity. Peace through strength!

Update (Ed): Tommy Christopher attended this briefing and gives his eyewitness account.  We talked about this on today’s show with Caleb Howe, and the consensus was that Gibbs got an easy moment here — and that some in the WHPC need a lesson in professionalism.