The obligatory "Palin lands presumably massive book deal" post

No word on how much, but she had a top D.C. agent working on it and he scored a sufficiently sweet offer from Harper Collins that they didn’t bother with competing bids. No need to worry about her straining under the weight of those legal bills anymore. The only question is how many days before the book is released will Palinites begin lining up outside Barnes & Noble.

The inevitable lefty take will be snarky feigned surprise that she’s capable of even reading a book, let alone writing one, the first bare whiff of which you can smell at the tail end of the AP’s report:

Burnham said Palin did not submit any writing samples when she met with HarperCollins executives in Washington, earlier this year. She will work with a collaborator, to be determined.

“She’s obviously going to be engaged in the whole process of the book,” said Burnham, adding that the role of the collaborator would depend on who was chosen.

“Every word of the book will be her words,” Barnett said…

Palin has never written a book and her critics, noting her disjointed CBS interviews with Katie Couric, have questioned whether she could. Two years ago, Palin told PBS’ Charlie Rose that her favorite writers were C.S. Lewis (“very, very deep”) and a Runner’s World columnist, Dr. George Sheehan. Asked Tuesday about her reading, Palin mentioned that she “really enjoyed” Katharine Graham’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Personal History” and cited works by Obama, McCain and Bill Clinton, whose “My Life” she read “just recently.”

I like the gratuitous quote about her read on Lewis’s depth, as if to underscore the author’s opinion that she’s a moron. Say, do national celebrities typically have to submit writing samples when they’re being wooed for multimillion-dollar book offers? If not, why bring it up?

ADN says she’ll give a portion of the proceeds to charity. Sounds like there’ll be plenty of bio to please fans — the publisher emphasized that her lifestyle is “unpretentious” — but the real money lies in how willing she is to settle scores from the campaign. I’m thinking … not very. She’s never badmouthed McCain and has studiously avoided naming the aides who were sniping anonymously at her last winter. Maybe Harper Collins made her promise up front to deliver the goods?