Garofalo: No, seriously, tea partiers are racists

The evidence: A single sign she saw at a single rally which, as Ace notes, almost certainly didn’t have any racial intent. But if St. Janeane, virtuous progressive, saith there be racism, then racism there be. My favorite part is when she wonders why tea partiers weren’t out in the streets last year protesting Bush’s then-record budget deficit; a better question, one Griff Jenkins lamentably didn’t think of, is why leftists who grumbled about Bush’s spending aren’t out in the streets now that Obama’s quadrupled it. Below the clip of Garofalo you’ll find the MoveOn ad from last March that Red State rediscovered last month. I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more traction in conservative media, so perfectly does it capture liberal hypocrisy on this topic.

I’m not sure what she means by designating Barry Goldwater a true conservative and then dating the death of conservatism to the year his ideological heir was elected, but maybe we’ll figure it out in the comments. Fun fact: Minutes before this aired last night, over at MSNBC, the guy who egged on Garofalo during her now infamous descent into demagogic race-baiting insanity felt obliged to tut-tut Wanda Sykes for making jokes about 9/11. Calling Rush Limbaugh a hijacker in an obvious, if lame, attempt at humor? Too far. Smearing conservatives far and wide as racists and rednecks with the utmost seriousness? A-OK. That’s Olbylogic for you. Exit question for Kayo: How come equating Limbaugh with a terrorist is no-go but saying Fox News is “worse than Al Qaeda” is perfectly fine?

Update: A thought experiment to test Garofalo’s supposed respect for Goldwater: Imagine her reaction if a prominent Republican today said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”