Miss California's father: Palin called to offer her support

Not really worthy of a post but I can’t deny ‘Cuda fans an outlet to relish the thought of the two “queens of the GOP” commiserating about lefty viciousness. Is there anyone in American political life better qualified to give tips on coping with a seek-and-destroy campaign by progressive media?

While he did not reveal exactly which words of wisdom Palin offered to his suddenly—and literally—overexposed daughter, he did clarify that the phone call came prior to the beauty queen’s racy photos appearing on TheDirty.com.

In addition to Palin, the proud father also claimed that Prejean had been receiving well-wishes from an even more unbelievable source.

“The gay and lesbian community has been supportive of Carrie,” he says, despite mounting public evidence to the contrary. “It’s just been overwhelming.

“Everyone comes up to Carrie and says, ‘We may not agree with you, but we respect you for what you say and these individuals do not.’ And they’re very emphatic. ‘Do not represent the gay and lesbian community.'”

The left will accuse him of lying about that, but why would he? All it does is rehabilitate the image of people on the other side of the issue. If he is lying, it’s a magnanimous gesture. Oh, and for the record, he also tells E! he’s not gay, despite the fondest hopes of his daughter’s critics.

Don’t get your own hopes up just yet but it sounds like she’ll get to keep her crown too.