Video: How big media partners with left-wing blogs

An unusually enlightening palate cleanser. If Fox News anchors started posting on HA, the hunt would be on for every last incendiary sentence ever left in the comments to prove that we’re a “hate” site. As it is, the leading lights at CBS, NBC, and MSNBC have been known to grace sludge pits like HuffPo and dKos and nary an eye is blinked, even when they “forget” to mention that they’re blogging there. I can almost understand that, though: Given the media’s own ideological slant, lefty sites must seem to them practically nonpartisan in tone, in much the same way that the left is forever convinced it represents the ideological center. This mini-expose could have gone much further, needless to say — it ain’t just media types who turn up at dKos, and the lack of any mention of JournoList is almost a fatal flaw — but it’s a noble attempt. Enjoy.