Ted Turner: You know who's done pretty well with population control? China

Revelatory, not because it catches Turner opining on a subject about which he knows little — I do that for a living — but because, forced to make an assumption about Chinese policy to fill in the gap in his knowledge, he gives them the benefit of the doubt. Is there any aspect of Chinese governance that doesn’t involve “draconian steps” at some point to deal with public noncompliance? Why would this be any different? And of course, it isn’t. Incidentally, if you think China’s population control experiment has been a “success,” take a look at this number. Things are going to get very interesting in Asia, very soon.

I’m almost afraid to ask what sent him off on this line of discussion. Presumably it’s global warming. Aren’t shrinking western birth rates thinning the herd for him quickly enough? Click the image to watch.