Bristol Palin: Abstinence is the answer

An about-face from her comments to Greta in February declaring that abstinence, while preferable, simply isn’t “realistic.” Surprisingly, neither Lauer nor Chris Cuomo at ABC pressed her on the change of heart; doubtless the left will accuse her of doing mom’s bidding but she seems plenty sincere in describing how little sleep she’s getting these days taking care of the little guy. Could be that the full strain of motherhood has since sharpened her appreciation of teen celibacy.

The ABC interview is slightly more newsworthy — she tells Cuomo she never for an instant considered abortion — but this one’s more engaging and features three generations of Palins. In both clips she couldn’t be sweeter, and she does as good a job as one might with the thorny question of whether, notwithstanding her love for Tripp, she’d do things differently if she had it to do over again. If you’re wondering why there’s no CBS clip, it’s because she skipped them this morning — possibly, I wonder, because it’s the network of Palin bete noire Katie Couric. Here’s how they paid her back.

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