Chris Wallace to Napolitano and Sebelius: Um, is Biden a crackpot?

A goodie from this morning’s Fox News Sunday courtesy of Greg Hengler. Think of this as a blunter — and therefore meaner and funnier — version of the question Tapper used to make Gibbs squirm. We all know what the correct answer is, and we all know that Sebelius can’t give that answer. The suspense mounts: Can she figure out a tactful way to avoid saying, “Yes, he’s a moron”?

Incidentally, after warning Americans about the dangers of confined spaces during this time of non-epidemic, Vice President Crackpot hopped the Amtrak home to Delaware yesterday. A symbolic show of support for the country’s transportation industry after having needlessly maligned it? Or is he just so goofy that he forgot his own alarmist advice?