Zo to Specter: Get out, and take the other RINOs with you

His bit here on Truthers is more fun but the big-tent question is more pertinent. Today of all days, with the GOP at the mercy of the Democrats in confirming the next Supreme Court justice, how can anyone say it’s better to have a tiny right-wing party than a larger right-center one? Forget Specter; he’s an extreme case. I can imagine someone like Tom Ridge, even though he’s pro-choice, voting with the GOP minority to filibuster an especially egregious judicial appointment, but 74 percent of you said he shouldn’t challenge Toomey in Pennsylvania notwithstanding his chance of winning because he’s too much of a RINO. How long are you prepared to wait for the Democrats to overreach so badly that voters will flee to whatever alternative is available? Imagine how much damage Obama can do in the meantime.