Tapper to Gibbs: Can you clarify Biden's moronic comment about subways?

Funny but mean in that it’s a question designed simply to make Gibbs squirm. No one can “clarify” what Greasy Joe said because what he said was perfectly clear: He’s freaked out about swine flu — needlessly — and doesn’t have the good sense as a politician to keep that fact to himself so as not to worry the public. This makes twice now in four days that Team Barry has panicked New York City while providing rich fodder for gallows humor. What do they have planned for the weekend? Obama idly wondering aloud whether skyscrapers built before the 1980s might be structurally unsound?

Tom Maguire said all that needs to be said about this: “They told me that if I voted for McCain we’d have a Vice President who was a moron … and they were right!”