Specter made a selfish choice, says ... Meghan McCain?

Like you, I fully expected her to join in with the Frum-ian “I told you so” chorus and applaud Specter for ditching a party that hasn’t listened enough to, ahem, “progressive Republicans.” Instead, despite all the heat she’s taken from the base, this.

Surely, surely, we can show a little love for Meggie Mac on this one.

Meghan McCain- who has been known for her outspoken criticisms of the Republican Party, “did not soften her voice Tuesday calling Sen. Arlen Specters party switch a “selfish choice.”

Recognizing that it had been a hard day for the Republican Party, McCain offered some encouraging words ” I am still a believer in this party! I have faith we can bring this back, who is with me?!?” she tweeted…

McCain sees the future of the GOP differently, “its good to have disagreements, were never going to agree on everything! Who wants to agree on everything? so boring.”

Elsewhere last night: “RED TIL I’M DEAD BABY!!!”, a display of loyalty in the party’s darkest hour at which even my beloved boss felt compelled to snark. Heart-ache.

Just to heighten the contrast between her and Benedict Arlen, here’s archive video from CNN of Specter in 2001 proposing a rule change to prohibit turncoats like Jim Jeffords from … switching parties. Exit question: Does La McCain know that, according to multiple sources, her pops almost pulled a “selfish move” back in 2001?