Pelosi to Republicans: You need to take back your party or something

Precisely as compelling as advice from, oh, say, George W. Bush would be to a Democrat. She’s a little hazy on who she has in mind as “Republican,” but I’ll bet people willing to vote for statist crap up and down the line are prime suspects.

The California Democrat offered her own analysis of the political environment for her political opponents, asserting Republicans across the country are more willing to work with Democrats than their leaders on Capitol Hill.

“Yes, there is, shall we say – a ‘radical right-wing’ element with whom they identify. But by and large, I say to Republicans in America: take back your party. The party of protecting the environment. The party of individual rights. The party of fairness. This is not the Grand Old Party.”

Pelosi concluded her long riff about the GOP by saying, “our country needs a strong diverse Republican party.”

Does it? Check out the clip here from the same interview in which she defends the idea of one-party rule on grounds that the left’s just so gosh-darned diverse and independent that they can pretty much supply all necessary policy alternatives themselves. Especially creepy is how happy she is about not having to explain “process” anymore to the public, which is her way of saying that now they can pass anything they want without having to even superficially negotiate with the GOP to avoid a filibuster. Exit question: Is there anyone who qualifies as a “moderate Republican” who’s acceptable to the base at this point? Huntsman? Maybe not after today, I’m guessing.