The obligatory "Palin launches legal defense fund" post

In which I try to earn cheap brownie points with the readers who hate me because they’re convinced I hate her by dumping some Hot Air traffic into her donation box. Her legal bills stand north of $500,000 with more coming; the maximum allowable contribution at the site is $150. Figuring an average donation of $20, and assuming that she does the smart thing by calling in to Rush’s show on Monday to put out the word, I figure she’ll be fully paid up by, oh, say, before the show’s over. But let’s poll it. Assume, for predictive purposes, that she doesn’t call in.

In other Sarahcuda news, she parted ways with her DC-based fundraising consultant today in “the latest sign of a divide between the governor’s official Alaska staff and those advising her on the national level.” Cutting loose a tie to the Beltway? I don’t know if this 2012 thing is happening, kids.