New Miss USA: I'm totally pro-gay marriage

Not true, actually: She supports some form of legal recognition for gay couples but punts on the marriage label, leaving us to wonder whether she also qualifies as a “dumb bitch”. Imagine what pure spun comedy gold it would have been if she opposed gay marriage, too. No doubt the inevitable semen-stain photoshop of her on Perez Hilton’s site would have been extra semen-y.

Skip ahead to 2:05. Her answer’s probably good enough to satisfy the D-list parasites who are dumping on Miss California for not telling them what they want to hear; if she’s bothered at all by the fact that she won only because the judges were biased against her competition, she’s not showing it. I actually prefer her to Miss Cali on pure aesthetics, for what it’s worth.

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Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET