Steve King: You know who Obama reminds me of? Hugo Chavez

Well, they have both been known to do a little nationalizing in their time, although The One’s ventures in that area are — supposedly — temporary in nature and have been limited to industries in distress. El Presidente, not so much. I think we’re already approaching the point among the base, though, where comparing Obama to any villain, no matter how evil or clownish, is fair game, so this should go down smooth. Would President McCain have done anything substantially differently bailout-wise, though? He might have let GM fail, although given the electoral importance of the midwest, I’m guessing even there he’d have gone mavericky on us.

Very interesting point near the end, though, about The One possibly planning to risk a second term to fulfill his dream of Great Society II. I don’t buy it for a second — he’s not keeping his campaign infrastructure up and running because he thinks he’ll have no shot at reelection — but he sure isn’t soft-pedaling the Hopenchange thus far.