NORML's 4/20 legalization ad: "Yes We Can"

The ad’s old-ish but the ad campaign isn’t:

The NORML Foundation launched this pro-marijuana ad campaign to create further political pressure on the federal government to recognize 1) the ever-increasing support of Americans who favor cannabis legalization, 2) the clear sea change of cannabis laws that’s been happening at the state level since Californians voted in favor of medicinal access to cannabis in 1996, and 3) to rally cannabis consumers and anti-prohibitionists on April 20, a date on the calendar that has organically become a national day to both publicly celebrate cannabis as well as protest 70 years of prohibition.

Support may be increasing but, as of last month, fully 58 percent still opposed legalization, notwithstanding the gradual mainstreaming of the drug in pop culture. There would be obvious economic benefits to legalization, needless to say, but maybe not as many as you think: This excellent NPR piece cites one analyst who pegs it at just $20 billion annually, which isn’t enough these days to cover a bailout of even one megabank. The same piece notes that pot use among teens, which is bound to increase if the drug becomes more accessible, can cause developmental delay.

There’s only one thing to do. A Hot Air poll awaits below the clip.