Axelrod: The tea-party movement could be "unhealthy"

No surprise that the master of astroturfing would find a true grassroots movement distasteful. To be scrupulously fair, it’s not the parties themselves that he’s calling “unhealthy” but rather the potential of populist anger in an age of economic panic to boil over into more extreme forms. Even so, his intent is clear — to delegitimize the parties by framing them as a shot across the bow from some sort of inchoate militia. The same could have been said years ago, of course, about anti-war protests amid a climate of grotesque hatred on the left for George Bush. Imagine the screeching from the world’s Garofalos had Karl Rove sensed something “unhealthy” about those on a Sunday morning chat show.

Naturally, this is all punctuated with the moronic talking point about tax cuts this year for 95 percent of America without mentioning the inevitable tax hikes to come to pay off Obama’s leviathan deficits. After you watch, head over to CNN to see Carville pronounce the parties not only “harmless” but actually beneficial to Democrats because the only people who showed up were 72 years old or something.