Video: Red Eye, Mark Levin, Fox & Friends dump all over Olby and Garofalo

Pity the poor souls at Olby Watch, forced to work ’round the clock to capture all of the backlash to Thursday night’s smear-job tour de force on “Countdown.” Dobbs fired the first shot but the bombs are falling steadily now: For your enjoyment, a triple play of Gutfeld, Levin, and F&F straining to express the extent of their contempt for two of the left’s lowest bottom-feeders. There’s name-calling galore, but then Garofalo started that herself with the reference to tea-partiers as “rednecks.” Note well Levin’s point about Olby egging her on with sotto voce “mm-hmms” all the way through her rant, something I noticed myself in my post on this. She’s taking most of the heat but he’s just as culpable.

Oh, according to Rush Limbaugh, she’s a liar, too. Surprise. Click the images to watch.