Audio: Guy shouted down by CNN hack at tea party chats with Mark Levin; Update: Roesgen on "vacation," says CNN

“The stupidity that came out of her mouth was unbelievable,” he says, still clearly exasperated two days later, and so it was, so it was. He’s a blog reader, too — Newsbusters is name-checked — which is gratifying insofar as it suggests, however anecdotally, that the ‘sphere might be gaining traction among committed grassroots conservatives. I wonder what percentage of tea-partiers were loyal fans of the boss or Instapundit. Onward and upward, new media.

Mona Charen tries her best to explain to Team Turner that this is about more than being “anti-CNN”:

What Ms. Roesgen and others like her do not understand is that some people are interested in more than their own narrow self-interest. Perhaps the protestor she interviewed, who was holding his two-year-old son, is eligible for a tax rebate. And perhaps his state will get a juicy piece of the stimulus money. It is possible, just possible, that such bribes do not influence him. Perhaps they don’t buy his support because he is skeptical that his taxes can remain low when the federal government is embarked on a record-shattering spending spree. He may be offended by the bailout culture, in which it seems that every irresponsible borrower, failed car company, and free-spending state is being rescued by the federal government. Additionally, he may be dubious that the government will spend the money wisely. It has been rumored that government spending has produced waste, fraud, inefficiency, and corruption. But he also may simply believe that engorging the government and enfeebling the private sector — no matter who is writing the checks — is not good for the economic or spiritual health of the country.

Note to Norm: Don’t take Roesgen’s attitude personally. It is, allegedly, merely a byproduct of rejection.

Update: Wouldn’t you know it, Roesgen’s taking a little break right now. CNN claims the vacation was “pre-planned.” Really? How often do you take a vacation that starts in the middle of the week?