Video: Lefty tea party doesn't quite rock Wall Street to its core

Protest pathos from Frank Strategies, on the scene in D.C. to watch people-powered politics lay low the plutocrats. I’m honestly not sure if this is good news or bad news for conservative tea parties. Does it signal that turnout at the Tax Day protests will be lower than expected? After all, we want our $$$ back too. Or does it merely signal that the nationalization agenda being pushed by the left is unpopular? What about their call to break up mega-banks so that none of them are ever “too big to fail” again? On the one hand, that means more government intervention; on the other, antitrust law can promote competition and, after all, having no banks that are too big to fail means no more bailouts. Just how much schadenfreude is appropriate here? Given the Jane Hamsher cameo, I’m guessing: Lots.