Rick Sanchez: Pittsburgh cop-killer was influenced "no doubt" by Fox News

Could be. Or, it could be that he was influenced by Stormfront, Alex Jones, and the other fringe crap he was known to consume. Only one of those options is politically useful to the left, though, so we know what the correct answer must be. Of special note here is his oblique attempt to blame the amazing spike in gun sales on people like Glenn Beck. No dice: The gun boom was already a phenomenon as of November 12 and Beck didn’t debut on Fox until January 19.

Note too his special emphasis on Obama being a “minority.” I wonder what Rick could be implying. Also featured in this clip is Media Matters hatchet man/hack Eric Boehlert, who specializes in criticism of the right-wing blogosphere. Read Johnny Dollar’s fact-check of his latest screed for a taste of what Boehlert’s peddling to the nutroots.