Video: Another day, another White House dig at Rush Limbaugh

Another one via Greg H. and Townhall. What happened here? I thought the new strategy was to put aside childish things like the Rush nonsense and start explaining to Americans why an almost $2 trillion dollar deficit is actually a good thing short-term. Maybe they saw the new CNN poll and figured there’s a little magic left in their Limbaugh-bashing bag of tricks?

The poll indicates that the vast majority of Americans, 86 percent, hope that Obama’s policies will succeed, with 11 percent rooting for his policies to fail. But when asked if Obama’s policies will succeed, the number drops 22 percentage points to 64 percent.

“One in four Republicans wants Obama’s policies to fail,” Holland said. “But six in 10 Republicans think the president will fail.”

Exit question: Is this the first time he’s taken a shot at Rush without explicitly being asked about him? Pretty soon he’ll be answering questions about Iran with, “Why don’t you ask Rick Santelli? He seems to have all the answers.”