Laura Ingraham to Steele: Why didn't you get angry at Hughley's "Nazi Germany" crack?

Seven minutes from this morning’s show courtesy of Laura’s producer, Tom Elliott. Say this for the man: Whatever his failings, he sure can dodge a question when he wants to. See also his appearance below on “Today,” dismissing Lauer’s tedious interrogation about Rush and whether he too wants Obama to fail as a “sideshow.” Indeed. Let’s move on.

The “Nazi” bit, which really was his lowest moment on Hughley’s show, is at the beginning, followed by an exchange on why the GOP’s polls are still low (well handled by Steele) and Ingraham pressing him on whether he’s prepared to pull the plug on Collins, Snowe, and Specter. He’s still promising to defer to the state party chairmen, but we’ll see how long that lasts if Specter throws a few more important votes The One’s way.