Video: Steele, Cantor dismiss Limbaugh's "I want him to fail" rhetoric

The first clip comes from last night’s chat with D.L. Hughley, the second from this morning’s “This Week.” Skip ahead to the last minute of the latter after clicking the image for the bit on Rush. The media enjoys pressing Republicans about this for the same reason wiseass atheists like to ask believers if God can make a rock he can’t lift: No matter how you answer, you’re in trouble. Steele and Cantor are pols and are worried about expanding the tent, so like Mark Sanford, it’s a fait accompli that they’ll side with the president who’s popular with most of the country over the talk-show host who’s popular with their base. Steele, at least, gets off a good tu quoque in Limbaugh’s defense. Cantor just ducks and covers.

I like his comeback about who the real leader of the party is, too. Exit question: Every conservative scheduled to appear on cable news this week should probably have an answer to this question ready, no?