Video: Limbaugh brings down the house at CPAC; Update: Full video added

I’ve been waiting an hour and a half for the complete video to appear somewhere, but Townhall’s feed isn’t working and there are only bits and pieces of the speech up at YouTube. The full transcript’s posted at Rush’s site; I’ll give you the first hour or so of video that’s available now and then update accordingly. Check back periodically.

Haven’t watched yet myself, but his point about certain other people wanting certain other presidents to fail is well taken. Meanwhile, here’s the result of the CPAC straw poll: Romney 20, Jindal 14, Paul 13, Palin 13. I’m shocked that Jindal beat Palin, especially after the atomic bomb he dropped on Tuesday night. And what happened to Huck? Sixth place with just seven percent of the vote after that stemwinder he delivered on Thursday? If anyone’s chances for the nomination smell dead after this, it’s his.

Update: Part seven added.

Update: Part eight added.

Update: Part nine added.

Update: The tenth and final part is hereby added.