Video: Campus police brutalize Coulter protester by, um, arresting him

Via Gutfeld, driven to a fugue state of violent rage by a week’s worth of whining from college-aged progressives. Hot on the heels of the immortal “NYU Alamo” clip comes this harrowing vid of a protester at Coulter’s speech to the College of New Jersey being horribly … handcuffed and led out. To set the scene:

The police report from that night says that Tracey went onto the stage, where Coulter was signing books.

After being advised the stage area was for those with books only, Tracey said he had a piece of paper and wanted an autograph.

“When he was told no, he went around two police officers and approached the table where Ann Coulter was sitting,” Holt wrote.

Holt took Tracey off the stage and into the seating area, then told the student he was not allowed to go back to the stage and had to leave.

As Tracey walked back towards the stage, Holt grabbed Tracey’s coat in an attempt to stop him, but said Tracey spun out of the coat and ran towards the seating area.

Tackling Tracey toward the ground, Holt attempted to handcuff Tracey, but the young man would not put his hands behind his back.

Surprise: After initially threatening a lawsuit, he’s now decided against it. And surprise again: Apparently, he’s the vice president of the campus’s College Democrats.

Brace yourself. You’ve never seen police conduct like this before. Unless you’ve ever seen anyone arrested before.

Ewing Police arrest student at Ann Coulter lecture