Clyburn: Opposing the stimulus is racist or something

Ah, here’s that honest, non-cowardly discussion of race we’ve been looking for.

Clyburn also had some strong comments for Gov. Mark Sanford on why he thinks he opposed the stimulus.

“The governor of Louisiana expressed opposition. Has the highest African-American population in the country. Governor of Mississippi expressed opposition. The governor of Texas, and the governor of South Carolina. These four governor’s represent states that are in the black belt. I was insulted by that,” Clyburn said. “All of this was a slap in the face of African-Americans. It had nothing to do with Governor Sanford.”…

A spokesman from the governor’s office says, “Representative Clyburn is no stranger to playing the race card, because he has no defense for the runaway spending and the deficits contained in this so-called stimulus bil that will hurt our economy. Spending money at the federal level that we do not have represents a future tax increase on all South Carolinians, regardless of their color – and in the process of doing so, he’s ripping off everyone he claims to represent.”

You’ll remember Clyburn as the guy who blamed racial tensions between Obama and Hillary during the South Carolina primary on … Mike Huckabee. Needless to say, his charge is patently false: If there’s any demographic Bobby Jindal’s obviously out to get, it’s those damned pesky Cajuns. Exit question one: What are the odds that fiscally conservative Republicans would oppose a trillion-dollar spending bill? Truly, only racism can explain their shocking stance. Exit question two: Is Clyburn suggesting that Palin’s off the hook since there are no black people in Alaska? Exit question three: Does this mean the beta-male minority in New York can accuse David Paterson of trying to harm them personally with his policy stances? Exit answer: Yes.