Video: Ruinous stimulus bill becomes ruinous stimulus law

Nothing too exciting, but moments in American history as glorious as this deserve to be shared. Note his reminder halfway through the first clip that this is just the first bite of the crap sandwich we’ll have to ingest. He’s not kidding, people.

Ahead of Obama’s arrival in Colorado, the White House went live with a Web site,, that will allow people to track where the money is being spent. The White House press office also promoted the projected job growth for each state and congressional district.

Aboard Air Force One en route here, presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters the White House was open-minded about another similar effort. But he stressed that there are no plans currently in the works for one.

The website is thin on details and will remain so until money starts flowing, but here’s a nice, graphically gratuitous snapshot of where the cash is supposed to be going. Exit question: “Protecting the Vulnerable”?