Video: The most hated man on the Internet

I Headline-linked a rundown of this clusterfark and the ensuing online backlash a few days ago — read it for background if you haven’t already — but it really has to be seen to be believed. No highlight reel, alas, so you’re stuck having to pick through the whole episode. If you’re pressed for time, stick with the following: (a) In Part Two, the exchange in the garden starting at around 6:30; (b) in Part Three, the very beginning and, especially, the “rules” segment starting at 2:10; and (c) in Part Four, the beginning where he calls her a “dumb redneck”, then at 1:45 where he makes his kids give her the silent treatment and, at 3:45, the piece de resistance — an attack on the U.S. military as the province of lower-class slackjaws. Distill the essence of what conservatives love about Sarah Palin and imagine the precise opposite of that and you end up with this turd. Painfully obvious exit question: Why didn’t Gayla’s husband beat his sorry ass when they finally met in Part Five?