Geert Wilders: The British government proved they're "the biggest cowards in Europe today"

Just a taste of a day-long tirade he’s been on about their appeasement of jihadists by denying him entry, the highlight of which was calling them “more Chamberlain than Churchill.” I was remiss in my post about this on Tuesday not to mention that Wilders himself is a book-banner, and therefore a rank hypocrite when it comes to free speech. Hypocrites abound in this controversy, in fact: Wilders himself, Gordon Brown and the supposedly “liberal” UK, and the biggest hypocrite of all, Wilders’s nemesis in Britain’s Parliament, Lord Ahmed. Have a look here and here to see whom he deemed more worthy of an invitation than the guy who made “Fitna.”

Wilders is already on his way back to the Netherlands. Exit quotation: “The film isn’t offensive unless you are a violent Islamist.” Click the image to watch.